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Cinehighspeed is the sister company of the White Balance Co.Which is one of the leader digital Cinema rental houses in Athens, Greece. Although our company is located in Athens, we undertake projects both in Greece and abroad.
With excellent technical skills, knowledge and support to the customers, the company provides services for tv commercials, music videos and feature films.
We offer the only 4K resolution slow-motion camera in the cinema industry with the high-end accessories and a variety of PL Mount lenses.
Furthermore, our company in an association with the most experienced Special Effects companies, Food Stylists, Directors and DOP's organize and prepare any kind of slow motion shoots.

Our company is capable of organizing any kind of slow motion shootings incorporating both high skilled and professional technicians and rich equipment, in order to offer high level services to our customers.

Our Clients


Post Production

Cinehighspeed.com technicians can provide easy and trouble-free data workflows for all digital camera system.

The CineHighSpeed post production Services

  • On Set Safe Back-Up
  • On Set Transcodes from any Digital Camera format to all offline digital formats (AVID and Final Cut projects)
  • Overnight Transcode Service on our Offices or on the Hotel.
  • Color Correction on – set with full calibrated monitors

On-Set Back-Up

When on-set, the technician manages the safe back-up of rushes on hard drives which come part of the standard kit. At the end of the shooting day the rushes are delivered on the hard drives in the form of RAW data. This RAW material should be treated as the master or negative.Phantom camera’s produce their own native RAW data format, in most cases these rushes need to be processed before they are ready to edit. The native .cine files from the Phantom can be converted into any tape or data format.

On-Set Transcode

CineHighSpeed.com is one of only a few companies which offer a RAW transcode facility on-set or after shooting. Our system is the fastest transcode solution available, offering our clients the most possible flexibility.Our computer system can transcode rushes from any digital camera system to all offline and online formats. Such as DNxHD or Apple ProRes codecs compatible with the most editing programs suites.This service can be provided on-set offering the industries highest quality, quickest camera to edit service, allowing offline editing on-set or via the Internet on a shot by shot basis. Master rushes along with offlines and a detail camera report can be delivered at the end of the days shoot.Our data transcode service is also offered after the shooting day, including an overnight service. Rushes can be transcoded on our Company’s office or at the Hotel over the night to be ready the day after the shooting.All the Transcoded rushes can deliver as native color or with a one-light grade applied over the whole of the rushes.

Phantom Flex 4K

Vision Research's Phantom Flex 4K is the only one 4K slow-motion camera in the cinema industry.

Flex 4K

Vision Research's Phantom Flex 4K is the only one 4K slow-motion camera in the cinema industry.
The most advanced high speed digital camera to date, vastly improved image quality and latitude.
There is no other choice for cinema quality slow motion images.

Available at cinehighspeed.com the Flex4K with 64GB internal memory is capable of shooting up to 1,000 fps at 4K for more than five (5) seconds

At its full acquisition resolution of 4096 x 2304 the camera is capable of recording from 15 to 938 frames-per-second (fps), and up to 1,000 fps at 4096 x 2160 resolution.
The Phantom Flex4K offers exceptional image quality, new workflow options, a user-friendly camera control interface and improved performance at standard frame rates.
Hi-ASA rating with less noise at the blacks and the best latitude of the High Speed cameras and similar to the hi-end digital cinema cameras.

The Phantom Flex4K accepts a wide range of industry standard lenses (35mm).
Alongside, with the WhiteBalance Co. we can offer you a variety of PL mount lenses, tripods and fluid heads, monitors, wireless monitors and accessories for a complete set of digital cinema equipment for your shooting.

For all Rental Enquires please don't hesitate contacting us at the informations provided at contact us menu or sent us an e-mail on [email protected]

Additional Features

Additional features include:

  • Phantom CineMag™IV support – faster data throughput
  • 64GB of internal memory
  • 2x 3G-SDI outputs which can be configured as independent 4:4:4 1080p signals or used together to monitor the full 4K image
  • 12V and 24V accessory outputs
  • 14.8v V-Lok battery mount
  • Sync connector to simplify 3D capture
  • GbE Ethernet port for software operation
  • Anamorphic shooting mode and monitor de-squeeze
  • Wireless Camera Control available
  • ASA selectable between 250 – 1250

Our trained technical team on Phantom setups, cinehighspeed can guide you through any stage of your shoot. We can manage any difficult shoots with pre- production support and shooting day support and post production transcode of the footage and color correction on set (location of the shooting) With a dedicated CineStation available, our team will assist you in all your acquisition processes.


Maximum Frame Rates

4096×2304 – 4K 16×9 – 938fps
4096×2160 – 4K DCI – 1,000fps
3840×2160 – Quad HD – 1,000fps
2752×2160 – 2:1 Anamorphic – 1,000fps
2560×1440 – 2K 16×9 – 1,861
1920×1080 – Full HD – 1,984fps 1280×720 – HD – 2,949fps

Run/Stop to CineMag Speeds
4096×2304 – 1TB CMIV – 120fps
4096×2160 – 1TB CMIV – 120fps
3840×2160 – 1TB CMIV – 120fps
2752×2304 – 1TB CMIV – 120fps
1920×1080 – 1TB CMIV – 512fps

Format Resolution Size (mm) Image Circle
Full Sensor 4096×2304 27.7×15.5 31.7mm
DCI 4K (1.89) 4096×2160 27.7×14.6 31.3mm
Quad HD 3840×2160 25.9×14.6 29.7mm
2:1 Anamorphic 2752×2160 18.7×15.5 24.3mm
HD 1920×1080 13×7.3 14.9mm

Camera Package

  • Phantom Flex4K PL Mount 64GB Internal Memory
  • Two (2) Phantom Cinemag IV 1TB
  • Phantom CineStation IV 10Gb Ethernet
  • Power Supply for the Camera
  • V-Lock Battery Plate
  • On Camera Monitor TVLOGIC VFM-058W Full HD
  • EVF Zacuto Gratical OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Bridge Plate 19mm Studio and 15mm Lightweight Rails with Arri Dovetail
  • Laptop to Control the camera up to 50m away
  • Promise Sanlink2 Thunderbolt2 to 10Gb Ethernet adaptor
  • Offload and transcode Computer


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